• Our Oval Mastery brushes offer superior application and gently flex and bend to adapt to the contours of your face to provide an easy application. The hour glass shaped handle has a subtle indent on top to give you maximum control and precise application.
  • All housed in a chic and classy holder for easy storage which also switches to two makeup brush holders.
  • The dense bristles ensure product application is even and uniformed, contributing to an enhanced smooth finish.
  • From the perfect foundation application, to perfecting your contour and giving you the perfect eye look they’ve got you covered for every makeup look you desire.
  • Made with synthetic fibres.

Set Includes:

  • OV1 – Foundation/Setting Powder/Blush/Bronzer
  • OV2 – Bronzer/Blush/Concealer/Foundation/Setting Powder
  • OV3 – Contour/Eyeshadow/Concealer/Setting Powder
  • OV4 – Eyeshadow/Concealer/
  • LI1 – Eyeliner/Eyeshadow/Eyebrow/Concealer
  • LI2 – Eyebrow/Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
  • CI1 – Lip/Eyeshadow/Concealer
  • CI2 – Concealer/Lip/Eyebrow/Eyeshadow

Box Dimensions:

  • Height – 235mm
  • Width – 80mm
  • Depth – 80mm


Keep the brushes in a dry place. Clean brushes after application which will help maintain the softness and result in long lasting use.

Tips about How to Clean Your Brushes:

1. Dampen the brushes slightly with lukewarm water avoiding getting the base of the brush too wet as this can cause the hair to become loose.
2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes.
3. Gently swirl the brush on the palm of your hand and work into a light lather.
4. Rinse brushes under running water, continue rinsing until no colour leaves the brush.
5. Allow them to air-dry.